Mudgee Small Farm Field Days 2023

Mudgee Small Farm Field Days 2023

What a great two days of conversations and feedback we enjoyed at the Mudgee Small Farm Field Days!

It was a wet and chilly start for the Piambong Wind Farm team, but worth all the effort to speak to more than 220 people across the two days.

This year, we were able to share with you an updated project boundary and potential turbine locations. Thank you for your feedback on this information, which is being finalised as we complete our Scoping Report

We truly value your thoughts on the proposed project, and this year we learnt more about how you feel about renewable energy, what’s important to you as we progress, and what you value in our community engagement activities.

The planning process

Our Scoping Report details the results of our early engagement and preliminary studies, and we will lodge the Report with the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE). DPE will then instruct Vestas about what the project’s Environmental Impact Study (EIS) must include.

We aim to commence the EIS this year and complete it in 2025. We will then lodge the EIS with DPE, which will place the EIS on public exhibition for a minimum of four weeks. During this time, all community members, stakeholders and government agencies will have more opportunities to have their say.

More opportunities to share information

Vestas will host more community engagement opportunities as the proposed Piambong Wind Farm progresses through the planning approval process. 

We look forward to speaking with more community members and learning from locals at our engagement events. You can also complete our survey about the Wind Farm.




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